Lots To Do In Line: Disneyland

Lots to Do In Line: Now for Disneyland or Walt Disney World

Why a guide to Disney lines?

If you are looking at this site, it is likely that you are considering a trip to either Disneyland or Walt Disney World in your future. It is also likely that you've heard that Disney can have some very long waits. The reason I wrote a guide to the lines is simple. It is because I am a Mom who visited Disneyland with my then 7 year old daughter. Waiting is hard! When you are 7 and at Disney for the first time it is nearly impossible. Every new line we entered brought with it a new round of “I am hot”,” I am tired” and the dreaded “are we there yet?” As I looked around I noticed that cranky child syndrome was not limited to my daughter. Countless other children were not at their best as they waited through the long lines that separated their incredible bouts of joy.

Curiously, Disney has put incredible effort into making every inch of their parks shine with magic and detail. The lines are no exception. Some of the lines have enough detail to rival the rides themselves. So why is standing in line still dull? It's because inside the ride there is an active environment. With "Lots To Do In Line" the lines will become active as well. By turning your attention to the local surroundings your whole family can stay engaged and in the moment while discovering a new level of appreciation for Disney magic. While we can't help with "I'm hot," we hope "Lots To Do In Line" can eliminate some of the boredom and impatience. Actually, you could always fan yourself with the book. There you go! Complete solution. Done.

We hope you'll try the book or the app and have a great time at the parks! 

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